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The symbolism of astrology is as old as the stars themselves and is possibly the only symbolism that has existed since the evolution of our Soul began.

Our moment of birth is no accident of Nature. It was determined as the result of complex circumstances that combined the incarnating history of the Soul with a timely opportunity for it to learn and gain experience in a specific physical body and personality. This moment, with its unique characteristics and qualities, is mapped out in the form of a birth chart – a calculation of the positions of the planets and astrological signs at the moment of our birth.

“Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time.” Carl Jung

This birth chart (also known as a horoscope) represents an intricate set of symbolic relationships that can be interpreted and understood. It is a little like working with the code of a computer program – once you know the language, you can understand its purpose and function, and then do something with it.

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Just as our DNA contains thousands of unique genetic codes that constitute our individual genes, our astrological chart contains thousands of astrological codes, each with its own meaning. By taking these codes (or astrological complexes) from our birth chart and placing them into our ‘Soul Diary’ (or Claregate Method app), the Higher Self can recognise these symbols and reveal their meaning to us using a series of images in dreams and in mediation. It is just like Morse code or the series of notes in the film ‘Close Encounters of a Third Kind’: the Soul automatically responds to the process. And not only does it respond, it creates a trail of visual images that raises us higher and higher, closer and closer to a subjective realm where our consciousness can be flooded with the gorgeous energies and meaningful experiences, as well as direction, that the Soul can make available to us.

Astrology therefore is a fundamental key to communicating with our Soul, and by using its symbols in a diary of requests and responses, we can gradually build a repertoire of meaningful symbols