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The Soul is the eternal part of us, an immortal structure that resides in a magnificent electromagnetic spectrum of spiritual energies.

The Soul radiates these energies to us through a subtle thread which links our personality to It. This thread is a bridge, and by making a conscious effort to communicate with the Soul, we can expand and strengthen this bridge, thereby releasing increased amounts of energy and meaningful experiences into our aura and our life.

A soul is somethin’ that comes from deep inside
But a soul is a somethin’ that you can’t hide….
Search your heart, go deep down low
Way down there you’ll find your soul

So sang Ben E King in the sixties, in the song “What is Soul?” People talk about Soul as a deep feeling. A deep feeling that has some kind of ultimate validity, a feeling you can trust. Religious and spiritual people talk about the Soul as a kind of Higher Being or a higher part of ourself – our “Higher Self.”

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This is the way we understand the Soul.

We are all individuals, and our individual nature stems from our Soul.
We live many lives on earth, and each time our Soul, guided by spiritual hierarchies, puts us forth into a new body, a new situation we can learn from, a new personality.

Over countless incarnations, our Soul grows; as its personalities experience all life on earth has to offer, sinking deeply into all aspects of experience; and later, learning from the pain and joy of our lives, reaching out for spiritual growth, transmuting hard-won lessons into the jewels of wisdom.

The Soul is the eternal lynch-pin of this process, the hub of the wheel.
On this earth the Soul guides us, if we reach out to it. It guides us with inner feelings, which we learn to interpret: how to tell the real from the unreal.

The Soul is our Higher Self, which speaks to us in dreams, in meditation, in intuition which we gradually learn to work with, by methods such as Esoteric Astrology.

In astrology, the intentions of the Soul are represented by the Rising Sign, where the Soul constantly addresses us, so to speak, nudging us towards its purpose.