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It is the nature of all things to evolve or die. Astrology, too, is experiencing an evolutionary burst. In the process of revealing the esoteric teachings of Astrology, many factors have emerged which are intended to provide spiritual guidance to everyone who seeks to attain self-knowledge. Even as the Delphic Oracle in the ancient culture of Greece prophesied, “Man, know thyself.”

With the arrival of the current Age of Aquarius – during which the mystery teachings are being revealed – various people initiated that process, such as Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, and many other similarly enlightened people. The Age of Aquarius is the time in Humanity’s history when Mankind will sense the drive “to know” and, equally significantly, “to know how.”

One of those who strove to present an Astrology which is relevant to a rapidly evolving consciousness of Humanity was Dr. Douglas M. Baker (d. 2011), worldwide lecturer on the Ancient Wisdom and Founder of Claregate College in England. This New Astrology (based on esoteric astrology) presents a number of developments including the introduction of new ruling planets, one for each of the 12 Signs, to include the tremendous expansion in human consciousness in the last 200 years.

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Most significantly, this new approach made way for a unique method of interpreting a natal birth chart. This Method uses the symbolism of the New Astrology as a language that enables a person to interact directly with their Soul, or Higher Self, and learn its purpose for them in this life. Dr Baker called this process The Claregate Method.

The principle of The Claragate Method uses the planetary symbols and their relationships to each other from the natal birth chart. Everything that we experience in the objective world on a daily basis is represented somewhere in the horoscope by one or more astrological symbols, and therefore we can apply the astrological symbol associated with it. We call this process parsing.