Soul’s Purpose



Experience your Soul’s Purpose with the Claregate Method and the World’s first ever Soul’s Purpose Calculator

Over a period of 50 years, Dr Douglas Baker developed a revolutionary, natural technique for communicating with our inner-Self or Soul using special codes unique to each of us. Known as the Claregate Method, this process involves using the language of symbols found in our horoscope to discover why we are here in the context of our Soul and its purpose.


The evolution of the Soul is achieved through a progression of experiences in a physical, emotional and mental incarnating vehicle of consciousness. The nature and characteristics of our incarnation are determined by the actions and conditions of the previous physical lives that the Soul experienced.

As the Soul’s evolutionary journey involves its personality reaching a certain level of consciousness in a physical body and resolving accumulated issues outstanding from previous lives, there is a specific purpose for each life that is designed to meet the needs at each stage of the Soul’s journey. However, for all of us the development of the connecting thread, or Rainbow Bridge – the connection between the higher and lower self – needs to be developed in order that the Soul’s Purpose can be more fully integrated into the current life.

We were all born at a unique moment in time. The qualities of that moment of time can be seen in an astrological context by looking at the constellations of stars, and the planets in our solar system on their journey around the Sun, at the date, time and place of your birth, which is represented in your natal birth chart.

Where they were and what their relationship was to each other when you were born is very complex. However, because the chart contains the astrological codes to unlocking not only the challenges and potential for you in this lifetime, but also the purpose of your Soul (why it chose the circumstances into which you were born and the gifts and talents that are unique to you in this lifetime), we are able to extract these codes and unlock them.

A Soul’s Purpose Code


When presented with these codes from your birth chart, the Soul can share sophisticated, meaningful ideas and experiences with you through symbols and images.

You don’t have to be an astrologer to unlock your Soul-codes. Douglas Baker introduced a technique for interacting with the Soul or higher-Self known as the Claregate Method. This Method explains how anyone can begin to communicate with the deeper part of themselves by using a Soul-diary and following the simple steps.

There is a formula developed by Dr Baker and his Claregate team for extracting Soul-codes from a horoscope.

And just like a safe that contains hidden riches, the Soul has enormous reservoirs of meaningful energies that can be unlocked – if you know the right code.

By consistently using your Soul-codes with the Claregate Method you will begin a journey of self-discovery which unfolds the nature of your Soul, informs you of its purpose for you in this life, and reveals the gifts, talents and abilities that are uniquely yours.


Find your unique Soul’s Purpose codes




To make it as easy as possible for you to extract your Soul’s Purpose codes and begin your Journey, The Claregate Trust has developed the world’s first Soul’s Purpose calculator which generates the unique codes from your birth chart for you to use in your Soul-diary.

The application is easy to use: you just need to enter your date, time (if known), and place of birth and the application does the rest. To make it easier for you to begin using the Claregate Method, the application also produces the codes you need to present to your inner-Self in order for the Soul to respond to questions about any area of your life that is meaningful to you and helps you in the process of experiencing your Soul’s purpose.



It is generally understood that setting goals and achieving them is fundamental to gaining material success, but it is equally important in the process of personal unfoldment. With focus and a sense of purpose we feel we can achieve anything, but without having some purpose to pursue, we lack energy, drive and meaning.

Although achieving material life-goals can be in its own way rewarding, the result often leaves us feeling empty: as if something is still missing in our lives. So imagine if the goals we achieved were guaranteed to give us energy, meaning and a deep sense of fulfilment.

Using your Soul-codes with the Claregate Method enables you to not only experience your Soul’s purpose and align yourself with its goals, but also to develop a relationship with your inner-Self that is meaningful, energising and lasts for your whole life!


As The Claregate Trust is a registered charity that has been founded to assist people in developing and understanding their Soul’s purpose in life, there is no charge for downloading and using the application.

It took 3 years and many programmers from across the world to develop, so if you find it useful in the process of discovering your own purpose, you are welcome to make a donation to enable us to continue to develop this technology which is designed to help everyone awaken to their Soul within.