For more than 50 years Dr Douglas M. Baker was a pioneer of esoteric teachings for the 21st Century. His central aim was to bring spiritual wisdom to the attention of the general public in the language of the day.

Drawing on his vast reservoir of teachings, this range of new Douglas Baker eBook publications explores many important themes that he lectured on continuously throughout his lifetime.


The Claregate Method

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This ebook is a comprehensive introduction to the method of tapping into our unconscious, and opening our-selves up to deep communication through symbols and images that we can learn to understand. Steps can then be taken to follow the guidance from within to shape our life and influence our life-direction and choices.

The Claregate Method has taken 30 years of development to perfect, and has been proven to be the most effective method of discovering our soul’s purpose and the meaning of our life.

Il Metodo Claregate

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Questo eBook è un’ampia introduzione al Metodo Claregate, grazie al quale possiamo accedere al nostro inconscio e stabilire con esso una profonda comunicazione, imparando a comprendere il significato di particolari simboli e immagini. Aprendoci alla nostra guida interiore possiamo compiere i passi necessari per prendere la nostra vita nelle nostre mani e indirizzarla nella direzione voluta. Sono occorsi trent’anni per sviluppare e perfezionare il Metodo Claregate, che si è dimostrato il sistema più efficace per scoprire lo scopo della nostra anima e il significato della nostra vita.


Plato’s Cave

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The story of Plato’s Cave is an allegory in which he describes a gathering of people who have been chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall, watching shadows which are cast by the light of a fire. These shadows are their reality, but Plato shows us there exists another, true reality of which the people are unaware.

La Caverna di Platone

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La storia della Caverna di Platone è un’allegoria in cui viene descritto un gruppo di persone che hanno passato tutta la vita incatenate ad una parete della caverna, ad osservare le ombre che la luce di un fuoco getta sulla parete.

Queste ombre sono per loro la realtà, ma Platone ci mostra che esiste un’altra realtà, più vera, della quale gli uomini sono inconsapevoli.


The Journey Series

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A Time For Withdrawal

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In this ebook, acknowledging the oneness of all life, Dr Baker seeks instruction in the life-cycle of the flower, its quiescence in the winter and at night, and its glory in high summer.

To fulfil our own potential we also need retreat to become part of our routine, and through meditation and related techniques, we need to develop what Dr Baker calls a ‘Philosophy of response’, response to the Soul, which gradually invites us to adopt its values, which come to inspire our lives.

The Soul’s Purpose

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In this eBook, Dr. Douglas Baker explores the experiences that everyone has of their Soul, how the Soul envelops us often in our earliest experiences, and the language that it uses.

Dr Baker explores his own early memories, and the way the soul uses symbols from everyday life like the mustard seed, or the bicycle to speak to us through these memories, through dreams, and how these symbols correlate to our horoscopes, which also delineate our Soul impulses.

He leaves us with guidance as to how the personality can be integrated, to better reflect the divine guidance from the Soul, through service, study and meditation; and finally with the gorgeous parable of the River and the Rope, which indicates the journey which is our goal.


The Nature of The Soul

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Jung described the psyche as a self-regulating system, comprising the ego, or conscious mind, and the personal unconscious (memories, including the suppressed) and the collective unconscious (a psychological inheritance of all human experience).

Esoteric Wisdom takes this further, talking of layers of the unconscious, from divine will, love and intelligence to our human desire and emotions. These factors stream into all humans, making up the drama of our lives.

The challenge for each of us is to hear the message of our own Soul, Who if we seek the way will reveal, using the language of symbols, a path to greater knowledge and union.

Through dreams and meditation we are guided to archetypal energies, such as figured in the epic tales and poetry of all languages.


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Our personality is our vehicle through our life on this Earth. It includes the way we speak to our partners, our talents, our touchy spots, the things that turn us on.

But overshadowing us are our souls, waiting for any overture from us to feed us with clues, hints, and gradually with energy and wisdom.

The antakharana is the name given by the ancients to the connection between soul and personality. This ebook depicts the process of the widening and growth of the antakharana as we progress on our journey, and reveals the signposts of growth as the soul eventually floods us with awareness, abilities and values we had barely dreamt of.


Segnali Sul Sentiero

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La nostra personalità è il veicolo che utilizziamo durante la nostra vita sulla Terra. Essa comprende il modo in cui parliamo con gli altri, i nostri talenti, i nostri punti deboli, le cose che ci piacciono e quelle che non ci piacciono.
Ma ad adombrarci c’è la nostra anima, che attende che ci apriamo alle sue indicazioni, ai suoi suggerimenti, e gradualmente alle sue energie e alla sua saggezza.
Gli antichi chiamavano antakarana questo ponte fra l’anima e la personalità.
Questo eBook descrive come l’antakarana si espande e cresce man mano che procediamo sul Sentiero. Esso ci rivela quali sono i segnali che si manifestano quando l’anima ci inonda con una consapevolezza, delle capacità e dei valori che non sospettavamo di possedere.
Il sacerdote e poeta gallese R. S. Thomas descrive lo sviluppo di questo dialogo con il Divino usando un linguaggio adatto all’epoca moderna.