Tandem Teaching: The Claregate Method and Metaphysics


by Rebecca Dingle

Karyn Hill and I, both graduates of Claregate College, undertook a new approach to presenting the teachings of Ancient Wisdom we learned–and practice–from Dr. Baker that we call ‘tandem teaching’. We each bring our own style of teaching which supports and rounds out the other, and the students’ feedback is that they are able to comprehend the material, which is often totally new and mind-expanding, more fully. While we work from a syllabus, we allow time for the class to understand new concepts before moving forward so that we all feel safe and ‘contained’ delving into the nature and content of our individual and collective psyches. We also make the point at the beginning of each series that we are sharing our journey with them, speaking from our personal experience, and learning as much from them as they are from us. In this shared environment, a trust and openness is made possible for honest, courageous self/Self exploration and discovery to take place. We make it very clear that our overriding motivation in our tandem teaching is to assist them in their discovery that their Higher Self has been, and is without a doubt, present and guiding them in innumerable ways every day through their daily experiences–when they know what to look for! The shared excitement the class experiences when a student reports such an event fills us all with the high Energy and Meaning only the Soul can provide.

The classes we are currently teaching are listed below, and new courses are being developed based on student feedback and interest.

ASTROLOGY (Pt 1): Astrology For A New Age
Karyn Hill and Rebecca Dingle
An interactive, new approach for understanding your horoscope. In a step-by-step process called The Claregate Method, you will learn a vocabulary from your natal birth chart to establish a dialogue with your Soul. Meaningful guidance for your daily life can be revealed through this process. This is not ‘newspaper astrology,’ and no prior knowledge of astrology is necessary! A natal chart will be calculated for each student. Bring your date, time (if known) and place of birth to the first class.

  • Introduction to The Claregate Method
  • As Above So Below
  • How to Read Your Roadmap to Life
  • Signs, Planets and Houses
  • Aspects and Their Influence
  • Overview

ASTROLOGY (Pt 2): Meeting Your Silent Partner
Karyn Hill and Rebecca Dingle
The Claregate Method is a tool for interpreting your natal chart. From the perspective of Ancient Wisdom we are the combination of 3 factors: heredity, environment and the Soul. It is the Soul which is our Silent Partner. This is a study of how this ever-present, eternal part of you provides meaningful guidance in your daily life. Join us and learn the formula for discerning your Soul’s Purpose for a better understanding of your spiritual journey. Prerequisite: Must have completed our introductory course “Astrology for a New Age.”

  • Opening the Door / Unfolding Your Blueprint
  • Vocabulary of a New Language: the Language of the Soul
  • Dreams, Meditation & Intuition
  • Revealing Your Hidden Strengths
  • Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
  • Archetypes: Energy Reservoirs


EVOLVING SPIRITUALITY, an on-going series

What do recent scientific findings in quantum physics, neuropsychology and health have in common with the oldest and wisest teachings? New research is validating the Perennial Wisdom from ages past. Learn through interactive discussions how these connections reveal the miraculous and help you live a meaningful life every day.

Course Outline Topics:

  • As Above, So Below: Discovery of Dark Matter
  • Self-Compassion: “All things gently”
  • Archetypes: Reservoirs of Psychic Energy
  • Vibration, the Law of Seven, and the Seven Ray Qualities of Meaning
  • The New Astrology: Key to Self-Knowledge for the 21st Century
  • Neuroscience, Quantum Entanglement and the Continuum
  • Near Death Experience and Reincarnation
  • Finding True Refuge in the Eternal Present
  • The Seven Basic Postulates of Ancient Wisdom


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