Total Solar Eclipse Across America, 21 August 2017

Solar eclipse

By Doug Allanson and Rebecca Dingle
Recently Rebecca Dingle asked me if I had any thoughts about the significance of the forthcoming eclipse.

I said I didn’t, but would submit it to my spiritual diary.

In the meantime Rebecca discovered some comments by Dr Baker about solar eclipses which suggest they may stimulate planetary chakras.

The comments are given below, followed by a brief account by me of the results of submitting the matter to my diary.


Some of DB’s teachings on the effects of solar eclipses on humanity:

 Quantum Physics and Supergiftedness, Part 1 (DB Mp3 lecture)

(‘Shorthand’ notes taken from lecture)

Aristotle said, the universe is alive! This tweaking idea has its basis: if the universe is alive, and things are being altered in it, it helps us and we respond to it; the things we’re doing on earth are so important that part of the universe responds and alters its position slightly.

Evidence of tweaking: look at evidence of moon; eclipse of sun (eclipse of sun means disc of moon slides across face of sun and shadow falls on earth). Disc of moon exactly fits over sun, and casts shadow on earth indicating something is blocked–light, heat and magnetism all radiating from the sun. Every so often, light, heat, and magnetism are blocked–direct current of light, heat and magnetism is now alternating… producing indirect effect: stopped and revealed, stopped and revealed. Effect on earth is the life forces of light heat and magnetism are retained on surface of earth; not passing through, absorbed through, earth, but held on surface of earth where life is and where it’s needed.

~                                  ~                                  ~

Note: In the bold-type phrase “responses to lunar eclipses of the Earth” in the 3rd paragraph of lecture transcript segment below, DB is describing a solar eclipse.


A New Yoga For a New Age, lecture by DB

It is truly said that in the nineteen-forties the crisis in human affairs was so intense that man was forced to look into the nature of the atom’s nucleus for his salvation. The result was nuclear fission.

On the surface, this was an event large enough to change the world order of things for all time. But beneath it all, there was an event taking place that was even more significant. In the body of the Logos of this planet something unique was occurring. The mineral kingdom forms, in its etheric aspects, that chakra in His body of consciousness which is, in man, muladara – the centre at the base of the spine. In the same Great One, the human kingdom represents the throat chakra. It means, in terms of the spiritual unfoldment of the planetary consciousness that, for the first time, the attention of a higher centre was being directed CONSCIOUSLY to that of a lower. Mankind, acting as the planetary throat chakra, was stimulating, directly and consciously, the muladara of the planet — an event fraught with massive danger as well as with spiritual possibilities.

Until then, the activity of this centre of planetary kundalini had been confined to natural events such as volcanic eruptions and lightning, and in responses to lunar eclipses of the Earth, and solar magnetic storms. Now, however, the release of light, heat and radiation from the atomic nucleus, added to the pressures coaxing planetary kundalini from her lair. By reciprocal action, humanity began to feel a series of responses in her most sensitive organisms located in what Theosophy terms the Fifth Root Race — especially that branch of it known as the Anglo-Saxon. We call these symptoms of planetary growth, operating through advanced humanity, quite simply STRESS.

The stress imposed upon us by our way of life — its competitiveness reinforced by both church and school, its standard of living, its codes of conduct, its ethics, its laws — all contribute to a situation in which we are subjected to sustained, unremittent stress. After World War II, most of us fondly believed it would be merely a matter of time before the stress which was mounted by that mighty operation would be alleviated, but it was not. Then we blamed the Iron Curtain, and the population increase, and the unequal distribution of wealth, etc., etc., for or stress. Now we have to face up to the bitter fact that stress is here to stay. It is part of our way of life. More than this, it is a challenge presented to the fifth subrace.

Now, this stress, common to all in the West, is reaching such proportions that many are hard put to cope with it. Indeed, few — only a very few — know how to approach the problem, and, of these, less even know what are the causes of the increasing stress. Not only is the factor of stress here to stay, but it is one that is essential for the spiritual unfoldment of the race. The problems of evolving spiritual techniques for dealing with this entirely unique situation have been given in The Psychology of Discipleship, by the author.


Solar Eclipse, 21 August 2017

I placed a question in my spiritual diary about the eclipse, asking what significance it might have, particularly for the USA.

I immediately got a series of vrittis as follows:

Columbo the detective tightening his belt.

Cutting Edge

The Cheshire Cat’s facial image fading, perhaps because it was being strangled.

First of all the belt image is interesting because the visibility of the total eclipse crosses the USA in a narrow belt.

Regarding ‘cutting edge’, an eclipse is best seen from the edge of the path.

In fact there is a strong Taurean/Vulcanic flavour to these vrittis, what with a tightened belt, cutting edge, and strangling.

Of course the Sun and Moon are in Leo and Scorpio is the Ascendant during the eclipse so there is no obvious Taurean influence.

However the horoscope for the event is extraordinarily benign, with a grand trine in fire signs which includes the Sun and Moon and an exact trine from them to Uranus.

Furthermore Jupiter sextiles two points of the grand trine and if you draw the lines of Jupiter and the grand trine, Jupiter looks to be in the position of an archer drawing his bow.  Jupiter is in the second house after the sun and Moon, in Libra.

A comment on the Cheshire Cat.  It appears in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when Alice is trying to rescue a baby from a very dangerous kitchen, and Alice finds it friendly.  It warns her that everyone she is meeting is mad.  It reappears at the Red Queen’s croquet match, this time its head only appearing.

The king tries to have it executed because it won’t kiss his hand.

Alice says she has read somewhere that a cat may look at a king.  I had thought this was a Richardson quote, which it isn’t, but it is a proverb from his time.

In fact this whole scene reminds me of Hamlet, where the ghost of the dead king is urging Hamlet to take revenge.

The affect of the Cheshire cat is more muted and ironical, but it is a caustic commenter, a reliable friend guiding Alice through the madness.

Anyway what we have here is Columbo, the archetypal US detective having his belt tightened, and the benign critic, the Cheshire Cat, being strangled, suggesting that an important truth seeker or teller is under the cosh.

I note that Dr Baker suggests a solar eclipse can affect planetary chakras, and it is interesting that in my vrittis, the throat and solar plexus are being squeezed.





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  • Peter Antony Wakefield

    Interesting about the belt, it seems an eclipse is a crescendo point whereby we see evidence of the shadow throughout the land and the Obscuration of Vitality and Goodness from the Sun . When there is deprivation ,albeit temporary, this does cause a heightened response and FOCALISES the need to the site of deprivation. Like the proverbial ‘fish out of water’ or a cat being strangled , there is extra attention and effort in acquiring the ‘breath’ or element and at a psychic level this can act as a spur to spiritual effort, and I think this is what DB referred to as stimulating the chakras at a time of Obscuration or deprivation (maybe at a pranic level). At a National level for America this is a period of Crescendo in terms of there being DEFINITIVE black and white polarisations ,virtue against vice and all the eternal opposites. Interesting that America has used terms such as the bible belt the rust belt and so on , the belt of the eclipse reminds us of the importance of staying power against the tide of obscuration. Donald Trump’s presidency is symptomatic of BLIND nationalism and IGNORANCE the things that eclipses represent.

  • Peter Wakefield

    An Eclipse is also about DENIAL and America has to deal with this at this very time.

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