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I hesitate to write about Abraham Lincoln, the most revered president of the United States, being an Englishman.

All I can say is that I share the common view of his greatness, and that I am not totally illiterate when it comes to American history.

I have read many books on US history, and quite a number on the civil war.

The main source for my knowledge of Lincoln comes from ‘With Malice Towards None,’ by Stephen Oates, which as far as I can tell is regarded as one of the standard biographies.


I decided to do some work on Lincoln’s chart, using the Claregate Method.

I had some trouble working out his time of birth, as there are a number of theories.

The midwife famously said he was born about sunup. Sunrise in Hodgenville on 12 February actually occurs about 7.36am.

It occurs to me that if someone says ‘about sunup,’ they’re more likely referring to a time just after sunup than before it, because if it was before it it would still seem like night.

I found an interesting post by Halina on Noel Tyl’s website.


Around 8.30 seems logical to me, and I decided to go with Manley Palmer Hall’s suggestion of 8.46.

I had some confirmation for the house placement of Venus from my higher Self on this.

My details, then, are 12 February 1809, Hodgenville Kentucky, 8.46am.


Lincoln has four planets intercepted in Pisces in the 12th house. These include Mercury and Jupiter, significators of his soul’s purpose.

This Pisces 12th house bundle is aspected to almost all other planets.

When you look at the data for the chart there are many 12th house matters, and in particular over and over again we come up against the most detailed research of hidden matters, which arguably gave Lincoln his prodigious ability to manage constantly changing fortunes, changing alliances, changes in his popularity during his presidency.

He succeeded not so much by consensus, a la Obama, although that played a part, as by being tuned in to everybody’s motivation.

Some of the data below is chthonic, and may be regarded as disrespectful to Lincoln’s memory and or reputation.

I would point out that the Higher Self communicates in symbols.  We are not given literal accounts of the life when we use the Claregate Method.  Images, scenarios or symbols are metaphors or analogies for the patterns of understanding, behaviour and communication adopted by the subject.

Lincoln has Aries rising, with Mercury in the 12th, and Aquarius on the cusp of that house, so Mercury and Jupiter are the significators of the soul’s purpose.

Mercury (1,2) conjunct Pluto (int.12) int. Pisces 12, Aquarius cusp.

Given love, or at least warmth by the abuser, he becomes homosexual.

Patterns of emotional abuse on both sides of the family bury emotional expression.

The brass buttons on a British bobby’s uniform.

According to Oates, Lincoln experienced some difficulties with both parents.  Life was extremely difficult for his family, living as they did the life of pioneers in rural Kentucky, working very hard in very difficult conditions.

Oates says Lincoln’s mother was rather a hell and brimstone Christian, not particularly affectionate, and she died when he was quite young.  Lincoln was devoted to his stepmother when his father remarried.

Lincoln appears to have had a mostly good relationship with his father, except that they may have fallen out somewhat because his father couldn’t understand why Lincoln was so interested in reading books.

For many weeks I couldn’t make sense of the brass buttons.  But I have read a lot of books, fiction and non-fiction, about the dilemmas that face the (modern) police in their work.  Don Winslow has recently written ‘The Force’ which is a thriller which acknowledges police corruption but puts it in context.

Despite everything most of us are glad to have a police force around which protects us from anarchy, and I suspect Lincoln paid great attention to diplomacy in his efforts to bring order out of chaos and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Mercury (1,2) int. Pisces 12, Aquarius cusp, square Saturn (9.10,11) conjunct Neptune (3,4,5) Sagittarius 8 Scorpio cusp.

For this aspect, also part of AL’s soul’s purpose, I got two scenes from the film, ‘The Blues Brothers’!

Elwood lives in a tiny flat overlooking a very busy railway station in Chicago.  Jake asks him how often the trains pass, and whether the noise stops him sleeping.  He replies, ‘They pass constantly and you get used to it, so you don’t notice.’

Under pressure from the Penguin, the abrasive but mystical nun who raised them in her children’s home, Jake and Elwood are inspired by a gospel preacher to go on a ‘Mission from God,’ to raise money to prevent the eviction of the Penguin from her premises.

Jake has just come out of jail, and the Penguin regards the brothers as bums, but they cope with impossible pressures under divine inspiration to fulfil their dharma and achieve their goals.

Jupiter (11,12) int. Pisces 12 Aquarius cusp inconjunct Earth (8,9) Leo 5 Cancer cusp.

A large tree-house in a large leafy deciduous tree.

A woman has a series of collections of photos on the internet which are attractive to potential voters in the election campaign.

A flotilla of yachts racing on a calm sea.

Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th gives a special ability to connect with Earthian aspirations for having fun (Leo) and connecting with the masses (Cancer).

Again, part of the soul’s purpose.

I have never done the chart of Elizabeth I of England, but I think she (‘Good Queen Bess’) had a similar ability.

Sun (5,6) Aquarius 11 Capricorn cusp trine Mars (7,8) Libra 7

The first image here puts us in the ‘office’ of a planetary creator:

In producing complex models of reality one of the chief disputes arises between producers of sections of the sea bed about where the waters first cover rocky pits when they flow in.  Academic, of course, once the bed is covered.

Fierce examination of cross-sections of inter-county road foundations across the USA to ensure adequate quality.

Lincoln had to deal with constant pressure from every political direction regarding his attitude to slavery.  Some thought him too conservative, others too liberal, and that was just his supporters!  He was also being hit by a wide variety of propaganda from the Confederates.

Oates makes us think that he tempered his own views to suit the political weather, and that timing was everything.

Lots of 7th house (laminations, cross-sections, layering, roads) here, lots of work and governance, (Mars, 6, Capricorn), group thinking (Aquarius), and water (11, Mars).

Moon (int.6) Capricorn 11 square Mars (7,8) Libra 7

He restrains his submissive fantasies so that there is no violence in them.

He is bothered by a series of approaches on matters of policy from a colleague on subjects he neither understands nor cares about.

Lincoln’s colleagues as mentioned often strove to pull him every which way.  Lincoln as I believe the famous book, ‘A Team of Rivals,’ makes clear, (I haven’t read it), tried to keep everyone on board whilst simultaneously ignoring the irrelevant.

No doubt this caused some knuckle chewing.  Lincoln squares his utilitarian reactions (Moon in Capricorn) with his passion for equity (Mars in Libra).

Mercury (1,2) int. Pisces 12 Aquarius cusp trine Uranus stationary (6,7) Scorpio 7 Libra cusp.

We don’t often get an aspect with a stationary planet, and I was curious whether the data would reflect this factor. Everything given has an element of nailing down, forcing back, restricting movement.

Horoscopes are provided for interpretation but a block prevents generation of feedback.

Nailing down floorboards to cover a hole.

Stair carpet rods.

Lines on the floor of an Olympic swimming pool.

Embracing my lover, she adopts the form of an erect cobra with the Union Jack on its breast.  The cobra advances further than I expect.  I am not afraid, but I am forced back.

Around the time I had this dream I came across some notes of DB’s in which he says that an erect cobra is a symbol of a major archetype, in this case that of the UK.

If anyone had the job of working to fulfil national destiny it was Lincoln, and crucial to his success was the timing of a series of pronouncements gradually shifting the law until at the right time firm statements about the status of black people and the status of southern states were made so that no one was in any doubt as to where they stood.

Pluto (int.12) int. Pisces 12 Aquarius cusp trine Uranus stationary (6,7) Scorpio 7 Libra cusp

Researching into a species of plant and its variations.

A specialist cake shop

Lincoln, being a backwoodsman, was aware of and interested in local variations and needs and tastes, and no doubt valued such things greatly.

Neptune (3,4,5) conjunct Saturn (9,10,11) Sagittarius 8 Scorpio cusp.

Pretty flowers on stalks

Sheep can be aggressive protecting their lambs

Express train

Rare plant nursery

The pain of childbirth

I think this is a lovely series of vrittis.  They all express situations where you have to go to the limit to protect what is both beautiful and vulnerable.  No mucking about, take a firm stand.  Saturn and Neptune.

Venus (2,3) Aries 1 trine Neptune (3,4,5) Sagittarius 8 Scorpio cusp

Quarry full of sand

Patterns of froth left by a receding wave.

Webbing on a plastic fake woven basket.

Youth on a typewriter

Manager of residential home is criticised for an abrasive attitude, for criticising others for his own faults, but feels he has to establish a self-questioning climate.

I can’t find the brake pedal with my feet, and have to use my hand.  I am also suffering visibility problems from weather conditions, but manage to slow the car in time.

These interesting dreams all have the quality that there is something sub-standard, or fake, or insubstantial, or suspect about something, but there is potential which love (Venus) can rescue by fighting (Scorpio) against insufficiency (Neptune).

This is not part of the soul’s purpose technically, but it is really because Venus is conjunct the ascendant!




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