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Theresa May Horoscope

Theresa May

Theresa May’s time of birth is not publicly known, so this work is based on a chart cast for 12 noon.

Earth, ruler of 12th and 1st, in Aries 4 with Pisces on the cusp trine Uranus, ruler of 10th and 11th in Leo in the eighth with Cancer on the cusp.

Journalist attends an early meeting in a series of one hour meetings which constitute the formal Brexit negotiations. The meeting consists only of one French cabinet minister and a number of journalists. The Minister is brusque, warning of financial problems for the UK, until the end of the meeting at 5pm when he becomes a gracious and cordial host to one journalist.

A small double-sided child’s blackboard, with boxes for coloured chalks.

TM dismisses criticism, saying, ‘Well they would say that.’ She will do things her way.

Eating a banana.

A calf-length blue-grey pleated skirt.

A four-year relationship.

An affect of calm confidence, constantly displacing a tendency to panicky anxiety.

The banana, it strikes me, is a clear reference to the possibility of disaster, a Earthian slipping on a banana skin. Her way of coping: eat the banana, ie assume responsibility for the potentially disastrous vote for Brexit and pretend it was what she wanted all along. There is Arien initiative, Piscean sacrifice and Leonine boldness in this move.

The skirt – impeccable traditional style. Don’t try any fancy moves with me. Imperious Uranus in Leo in the eighth.

A four-year relationship. Brexit will take much longer than two years, hence the need for a general election now (June 2017). These dreams occurred about two weeks before the call for an election.

The blackboard for me is reminiscent of the way she became leader amid all the childlike playacting of the Tory Brexiteers – Johnson, Fox et al with their showboating and half-truths. She then deployed them adroitly leaving her to manage things her way. Aries and Uranian leadership, Earth’s adaptability – give the people what they want.

The main dream about the meeting suggests to me that Britain’s real purpose in the negotiations will be revealed late on, it may seem a phoney negotiation for a while before everyone gets down to business. The underlying cordiality of the French minister, the French being superficially the most aggressive of the European nations to the British, indicates their real regret at Britain’s departure.

There is an apparent Earth-like carelessness about leaving it so late, or call it Sagittarian-style confidence. Piscean adaptability in the French, Uranian severity in the formal aspect of the negotiation; it’s about Leonine leadership, who is king, and eighth house departure.

Pluto, ruler of 3rd and 4th in Leo in the 9th square Saturn, ruler of the 1st and 2nd in Scorpio in the 12th.

Green camouflage paint on a tank

Coffee coloured coat

Footsteps on the edge of the desert

Tacking in the Americas Cup

I am in a caravan stripping the fat from some offal (testes and/or heart). First an eye appears out of the offal, then a kind of Chinese lantern made up like a very large goldfish with TM’s face. The lantern has been made at Porton Down!

My parents come into the caravan and my mother remarks it’s quite normal, she often sees such lanterns at the local market.

I watched the Americas Cup, which is the world’s premier yachting race, on TV a year or so ago, and victory depends on managing a huge number of tacks with the enormously light, unstable, large and very fast catamarans, each of which are crewed by at least three or four persons. Skill, strategy and toughness are at a premium, and the direction constantly changes and is never in the direction of the final goal!

The footsteps at the edge of the desert are tentative, weighing up how to make a journey, or even whether to try. The tank speaks for itself, and the place I usually see coffee coloured coats is on Premiership highly paid football managers, anxiously pacing the touchline during matches.

All of these aspects relate to skill, camouflage, anxious preparation for high level international engagement.

Pluto and Saturn are always associated with international karma of great weight and moment. Leo and Scorpio – rulership and courage.

As for the goldfish – clearly Pluto in Leo, emerging from hidden visceral qualities – testes and heart hidden in the fat. Underestimate TM at your peril! But the goldfish is charming, goodlooking, and floats about in the air, using its third eye to have a looksee before acting. It’s actually the same affect as the other vrittis. And my mother thinks the goldfish is normal, it has the qualities of the people.

TM may be one of the elite, but she gets around (caravan) with her third and ninth house travelling and she has contact with the people, as we now know from the famous photograph with the rhino on the funrun – something she has always done every year.

Vulcan Retrograde, ruler of 5th and 6th in Libra in the 10th with Virgo on the cusp sextile Saturn, ruler of 1st and 2nd in Scorpio in the 12th.

A release of steam from the pistons

A mossy patch on the forest floor

Dark shadows in the imagination, whether at work or during recreation in the forest vanish with clear thought.

The scales of justice.

TM has always to work in the context of the Tory party being seen as elitist and opportunist by many, and a Vulcanian slip on the moss when forest-like, the complex issues close in, or a release of hot steam as the mighty engine of government works are inevitable for her. However Vulcan in Libra thinks its way clear, especially with Saturnian logic and Scorpionic determination.

Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd and 3rd in Virgo in the 9th with Leo on the cusp opposed to Mars Retrograde, ruler of the 11th and 12th in Pisces in the 3rd with Aquarius on the cusp.

A pile of overcoats on a bed at a party.

My young son, bored on the walk, hides in ferns on the hillside.

A single oarswoman rowing on the Thames.

Jupiter and Mars have no other major aspects than this opposition, which therefore stands out in the chart. Jupiter afflicted in Virgo in the ninth gives an untidy heap of overcoats at a student party on a Martian bed which can’t be used (retrograde) because of the coats!

This suggests the apparently ineffectual nature of some of TM’s ministers, and they may be embarrassing but they are also ineffective, indeed can barely be seen like my son in the ferns, so it doesn’t matter too much as she copes by doing it all herself, a solitary rower on the river of the capital – Jupiter, the morphology of the opposition sign, Pisces, Aquarius.

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