Claregate Intermediate Esoteric Astrology Workshop

In response to enthusiastic student requests, the first Intermediate Esoteric Astrology Workshop was presented at the Oak Brook Center for Spiritual Living in Ocala, FL on September 16-18, 2016. The students had all earned their Beginning Astrology certificates after attending one of the three prior Beginner Workshops, and were ready and eager for more! The Intermediate Workshop, organized by SkyDance Astrology and sponsored by The Claregate Trust, included:  (1) progressive instruction on the New Astrology, (2) the next level of the Claregate Method, and (3) the additional subject of Esoteric Psychology, the Psychology of The Seven Rays.

Three instructors, each a graduate of Claregate College, presented this Intermediate Workshop:

claregate-method-charleneCharlene Johnson, founder of SkyDance Astrology, expanded her prior instruction on the New Astrology and featured “How to Interpret a Chart,” including an extensive description of Retrogrades, Interceptions, and Angular Aspects in a chart.

In addition to sharing her expertise from her professional esoteric astrology practice, Charlene also called on her talent as auctioneer and as a finale to the weekend raised several hundreds of dollars as a donation to The Claregate Trust, a British charity, in furtherance of its digital development.

Karyn Hill presented the next level claregate-method-charlene-teachingof the Claregate Method, focusing on the all-important formula for determining the Soul’s Purpose, as well as the process for sifting out relevant dream content and identifying it with the archetypal patterns represented in the dreamer’s natal chart.

Rebecca Dingle assisted as Karyn’s scribe to parse permutations, i.e., assigning astrological glyphs above the relevant vocabulary in the sentences that describe the dream imagery. Five students volunteered to have one of their dreams so analysed in front of the group, which helped everyone build their understanding of vocabulary and symbols related to the Signs, Houses and Planets of the Zodiac, and how each has existential relevance to the individual.

claregate-method-teaching-1Karyn also introduced new material in three supporting metaphysical areas, designed to advance the all-important development of the subjective life. These were the “Meditative Way of Life,” “Our Immortal Self,” and “The Spiritual Diary.” Students learned how, by incorporating these practices into their daily life, to increase their intuitional receptivity and build the bridge for direct communication with their Higher Self.

We are pleased to announce that Rebecca Dingle, of Sagamore Hills, OH, joined our teaching team and introduced to this Intermediate group the important and inter-related science of the Psychology of the Seven Rays. She gave an introductory presentation of this extensive subject, including demonstrating a Ray analysis of one of the members of the group.


We all learned, through observation, how intricate the process is to determine which Rays are primarily expressing through an individual’s Ray complement. Rebecca is available to do private Ray analyses upon request.

Everyone, having previously successfully completed the Beginner Workshop, participated in our graduation ceremony, and 14 individuals received Certificates of Completion for the Intermediate Workshop, all expressing their eager anticipation for an upcoming Advanced Workshop.

To schedule a private Ray analysis or if you are interested in having workshops presented in your area, please contact The Claregate Trust at


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