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I have been using the Claregate Method and a Spiritual Diary for many years.

I recently had an interesting experience while doing so, and I thought it might be of interest to share it.

I will begin by saying a little bit about how I use my diary at present.

When I first learned about these techniques I recorded every single dream I had.

After a number of years I had about seven heavy books full of dreams.  I found the material indigestible.  I now feel that in those days I wasn’t very discriminating about which dreams needed recording.

However recording every dream was very good experience because apart from anything else the discipline of doing so greatly assists the ability to remember dreams, and the ability then to interpret dreams, which is an art in itself.

These days however, I spend at least an hour and usually two or even more every single night remembering and attempting to understand my dreams in a state of Hypnopompia, or waking sleep.

Sometimes this occurs in the middle of the night, sometimes in the morning.

However these days I don’t record most of my dreams.  I decide whether to do so or not by asking my Higher Self!  I always get a prompt indication by way of a feeling of urgent confirmation or a feeling of ‘not necessary’.

My sense is that mostly the dreams I record are ones I can’t understand.  My experience is that sometimes these dreams refer to experiences still in the future, as I discover when I read through the diary months or years later.

As far as the Claregate Method is concerned, I use it whenever I am working on someone’s horoscope.  Although I am an experienced astrologer, I would not dream of writing a report on someone’s natal chart without submitting all the major aspects to my diary.

There are two ways of doing this.  One is to submit the aspect in the approved fashion before going to sleep and to record any dream which occurs.

The other is to submit the aspect in a waking state, or in a state of Hypnopompia, and record images which then present themselves in my mind.

I also, quite frequently, submit aspects from my own chart, or charts of close friends or members of my family, in an effort to help me understand something that is going on in my world at any given time.

For me the integration of the personality, ruled by Saturn, continues to be a major ongoing concern, and over time I have become familiar with which aspects in my chart relate to which aspects of my personality, and the different ways the soul, through the Rising Sign, tries to energise my efforts to achieve integration.

Therefore these days, in comparison to when I started using the Claregate Method, my decisions about which aspects to submit are perhaps more likely to be deliberated, in an effort to shed light on particular difficulties.

Recently I submitted a series of aspects from my own chart, and found that I could submit one aspect when I went to bed, and would typically wake up after three or four hours with a dream.  I would write that down, and continue to meditate on the aspect in a state of Hypnopompia.  I would then over a period of half an hour or so receive a further four or five vrittis, or brief dreamlike scenarios, which I would also write down.

I would then select another aspect and repeat the process, finding on more than one occasion I was able to get through up to three aspects in one night, with a total of about fifteen dreams or vrittis.

In case it is of interest I will list some of the results of this process.

All aspects from chart with Scorpio Rising.

My soul’s purpose is Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo 11.  However these planets are also conjunct Saturn and square the Sun.  This is a very complex and difficult aspect so I am trying to deconstruct it by posing different bits of the aspect in succession and then the whole thing.

First aspect:   Sun, (9,10) intercepted  Sag 1, Scorpio on cusp, trine Pluto retrograde, (4,5) in Leo 10.

responsible for the army flag with black writing on it which he carries around at a festival in a large town

(I have recently been responsible for helping distribute DB’s war memoirs  in South Africa, the country where he was brought up, and in whose army he served).

mother, anxious about her daughter, makes sure every soldier who visits her house in this busy army town states his name and business

civic office sited in a bottleneck in an old English market town with resplendent black paintwork and brass door furniture takes advantage of annual festival to represent the army favourably especially to interested children

 2nd aspect.

Saturn, (2,3) conjunct Moon (10,11) Virgo 11

racing down a hill on a home-made go kart

(image absorbed from recent reading of “Cannon Fodder” by Douglas Baker)

explaining to comrades after a conflict situation the importance of accurate language, but half aren’t listening.

using political deceit to gain advantage

the convention of mutually agreed losses

not wearing a diamond, which would have been an agreed sign, in a negotiation

carrying a tote bag

 3rd Aspect:  Saturn (2,3) conjunct Moon (10,11) conjunct Mars (12,1,2) Virgo 11

Michael kills Snoop

 These are characters from the TV series The Wire.  Both are drug dealers, Snoop (a lady with beautifully combed tails (is that the right word?) is the senior in the gang, and has told Michael to meet her somewhere to carry out a hit, but not to bring his gun as she will provide it.  Michael is suspicious, gets there early, and somehow realises he is going to get hit, so as they drive together to the backlot he takes out his gun and threatens Snoop.  Snoop asks “How did you know?” and Michael explains.  Knowing she is going to be shot, Snoop then asks, “How’s my hair look?” Michael tells her it looks great.

Nathan – Amy Winehouse’s drummer.

 On a live set, Amy always looks to Nathan to check the band is ready for the next number before beginning a song.  Most numbers start with Nathan clicking his sticks.

Greek government defy the odds (in staying the course and stabilising things)

 4th Aspect – the whole can of worms!

Saturn (2,3) conjunct Moon (10,11) conjunct Mars (12,1,2) Virgo 11 square Sun (9,10) intercepted Sag 2 Scorpio cusp

abandoned military airstrip on Pembrokeshire coast

wiretap in wartime

using a foreign language as a code in wartime

For example the Americans used Navaho language to communicate in the war in the Pacific.  There’s a film about this, I forget the name.

Joan Miro

Miro was a Spanish painter, contemporary of Picasso, who had some difficult decisions to make, as did many Spanish artists, around the time of the Spanish Civil War.  He made his feeling clear through his paintings, which were expressionist/surrealist in style.  He is also noted for his use of bright colours and vibrant, airy landscapes and  skyscapes.


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  • Tracey Arbour

    May 7, 2016

    I am a new student of the New Astrology and have only been using the Claregate Method for a short while.

    Your blog “Conversations With My Higher Self” inspired me to pose a question in my diary, “ How does my Soul’s purpose correlate to using the Claregate Method?” I pondered on this question before retiring to bed last night and had a profound waking dream that corresponded to my Soul’s Purpose aspects and its correlation to using the Claregate Method, which I would also like to share.

    I am at a church with my family (not my waking family). The entire interior of the church is under reconstruction except for the pillars that support the church’s infrastructure. There are two male priests who are very upset with this reconstruction especially as it relates to the many Names that are being changed in what the old church used as their language. I explained to the priests that it was ok to change the Names because this is what brings about greater meaning and understanding. I gave them the example of how their Names were changed when they became priests, and how the Pope has his own Name, changed when he is ordained. There was a Queen, who sat in a large comfortable blue cushioned chair upon the altar between the two pillars, observing our conversation. She agreed and repeated my words, assuring the two priests it was all good.

    With the help of my Claregate Astrology teacher, I was able to identify the astrological glyphs of the aspects of my Soul’s Purpose, and match the symbols of that dream which was in response to my posed question:

    Leo Asc., Sun (Ruler of Leo, Lord of the 1st House) in Gemini intercepted in the 11th House with Taurus on the Cusp related to Vulcan (Ruler of Taurus, Lord of the 11th House) in Taurus in the 11th House:

    The Queen (Leo Asc. and Sun) seated on a large blue chair (Sun in 11th House)
    agreeing with my explanation (Sun in Gemini intercepted) about the change of
    Names (Sun, Lord of the 1st House).

    Massive destruction & internal reconstruction (Vulcan in Taurus in 11th House),
    leaving the two pillars in place (Gemini intercepted in 11th House).

    THE ANSWER TO MY QUESTION, combining the glyphs & supportive dream:
    It is very exciting for me to experience the growth and understanding that comes with using The Claregate Method, and by doing this, learn directly from my Soul through my dream life about its Purpose is for me in this lifetime:

    Leo on the Ascendant is the Note sounded at the time of birth.
    The Sun represents the personality (the Soul’s vehicle in this material world); it is congenial, radiatory, and magnetic; it represents royal authority (Ruler of Leo) and, in the 11th House, it radiates joyful/harmless energy.

    Vulcan is powerfully placed in relation to the Sun, and it brings sudden release from things/attachments (Taurus), ideas (1st House), and/or teachings (Gemini intercepted in 11the House) which have imposed a form of bondage (Taurus) over lifetimes (Sun in 11th House); the release comes violently and with much upheaval and then we are free (Vulcan, Lord of the Forge in mythology, breaking the chains of bondage with his mighty hammer).


    • Doug Allanson

      What a fantastic dream!

  • Brett


    I read your interesting blog and wanted to say I attended Dr Baker’s classes on the Claregate Method in Los Angeles and have been using this technique for many years now and it has given me direction and a purpose to my life. I also keep a spiritual diary and ask for guidance whenever I feel at the cross roads. Glad to see the Claregate Method isn’t lost.


  • Pete

    I came across this site and i must say it is all very interesting. I am sceptical by nature (no doubt that’s in my chart) but I will give this Claregate method a go and see what happens. Certainly Doug seems to get some results.

  • Richard Hood

    I am so very happy to see that the Claregate Method now has the opportunity to be available for people far and wide, thanks to modern technology. It is very exciting to me to think that we will have access to Dr Bakers knowledge and methods via the computer and phone.
    The Claregate Method is such a powerful and direct way to gain dialog with one’s Higher Self, and to start to explore the depths and content of one’s psyche.
    I look forward to some very illuminating and interesting discussions on this site.
    Thank you all.

  • Rebecca Dingle

    Doug: Your description of how you posit an aspect and record the feedback made me recall hearing DB’s admonitions to “sleep less and rest more” when living the meditative way of life – of which working with the Astrology is a central part. When you get a response from within, you get Energy!

    During the night, I use my iphone to record dreams, images, and vrittis – then write them in my Diary in the morning, editing as seems appropriate. I keep Vol. I of DB’s Astrology Dictionary – for me, an essential tool – with my Diary and look up several words or phrases in it from the night’s feedback. Almost always, my higher Self will include my Leo Rising and other aspects, which is all part of higher Manas and thinking in categories!

    Here’s an example: I posited my natal Moon (1/2) Pisces 8 conjunct Mars (3/4) Aries 9. I have Leo Rising, and my Sun (12/1) is conjunct Jupiter (6/7), and these are inconjunct Pluto Rx cjn Leo Asc. This is the dream image I got:

    An experiment (Moon) and those participating in it (Jupiter) were cheered on (Pluto-Jupiter-Sun) by their cohorts (Mars Libra [7] 11 [Jupiter]), which didn’t seem right (mal Pluto-Pisces-12).

    I couldn’t figure out what “didn’t seem right” might translate as – and figured what it meant was “wrong” and morally wrong in the Astro Dictionary is mal Pluto-Pisces-12.

    • Doug Allanson

      Sorry to be so long in replying. Very interesting, and I think often, perhaps even always, what is really revolutionary and new inevitably doesn’t seem right at the beginning!

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